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Crossroads that are inspiration and possibilities in the design world often lead to a singular path of reality. Alexandra Carmack is one of the leading designers who personifies this principle.

Inspired by the love for ancient architectural designs and a passion for innovation, Design House of Alexandra was born.

With an unmatched expertise in 3D technology and interior designing, Alexandra has dedicated herself to providing a holistic yet one-of-a-kind renovation and new build solution to clients all over America.

Every design has a story, and Alexandra's dedication towards bringing it to life is evidently the driving force behind DHOA's every creation.

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Our Design Philosophy

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Visualize • Ideate • Create

DHOA firmly believes every design that can be visualized is one with the potential to be brought into reality. Following this ideology, our design philosophy encourages the natural flow of creation from visualization through ideation.

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About DHOA

Design House of Alexandra, while being a forward-looking brand is inspired by ancient art & culture. DHOA, through consistent innovation, strives to create furnishings that incorporate the best of both worlds.

A subtle blend of unique ancient artistic designs, and modern functionality allows artisans to create eclectic furniture sets that are always on the edge of commercial reality & cultural interest

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